Getting new bras

Why on earth does this idea that suffering is always a good thing persist? Sure, there is resilience in overcoming obstacles and temporary pain for some sort of gain, but why do we suffer when it does not serve us and won’t ever serve us? Case in point: bras. Stick with me, here. Last week,

Keeping it real mama inspiration #1

I’m an enormous fan of mamas (and people in general, really) who don’t pretend that they have it all together. The messier, the better. The more honest, the more I love them. Many of my best friends are like this. We’ll send each other random WhatsApp messages telling each other of what real life looks

It’s okay to not go crazy on Valentine’s Day

Yes, I realize that Valentine’s Day has come and gone already. When we first got together, we had the talk about what our priorities are surrounding Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been super into it personally, but have felt the societal pressure in the past. I had the experience in prior relationships of the stress of