My hormone journey: The appointment

So, last week I talked about My Hormone Journey postpartum and what it was like to take an at-home blood test. I mentioned that I managed to get an appointment with my doctor with a view to get blood tests done. I was extremely nervous leading up to it and it was a miracle that

My hormone journey: background

I’ve already mentioned in previous┬áposts and on Instagram that I have been having issues with my hormones since January 2017, but have realized that I haven’t talked about exactly what has been going on here on the blog. Sit down with a cuppa, it’s a long one, folks! January 2017 I was 7 months postpartum

My experience with at home hormone blood testing

I went to visit my doctor in October to speak about my concerns about something being off with my hormones. She was very caring, listened to my concerns, but suggested (based on the evidence I provided) that this was all stemming from anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I was, and she referred to mental health

Tea, glorious tea! (But no plastic, please!)

  I love me some tea. No, really. We have an entire cupboard in our kitchen dedicated to tea. And my hubby and son don’t drink it! Even our not quite 22 month old is aware of my enjoyment of it, because if my mug of tea is far away, he will proudly get it

Menstrual Cycle tracking apps

Once upon a time I took birth control. For many, many years. I started on it because I had horrific acne as a teenager and what seemed like never-ending periods at times. I seemed to be one of the lucky ones who never had any adverse side effects while on the pill. That is, until