How to deal when you’ve had no sleep

We have been through many of these phases before. Screams welcome us to a new dawn — or not even close to dawn yet — and we’re bleary-eyed, dragging our feet and flagging from the get go. How on earth do we deal with these days where the amount of “sleep” you got the night

Sunday Snapshot 29/04/18

We’ve just one of those weeks where all 3 of us are exhausted, but we just keep pushing on. Hubby is training for a charity bike ride via work, but since those who have arranged it are shockingly disorganized, he still has no details aside from the day and that they’re biking 80ish miles from

Mama dating: connecting with other mamas

Sometimes I wish I could walk around with this sticker on me. Put all of my cards on the table and cut through the uncertainty to find other mamas who are also looking for friends. Why? Because… Lack of connection is the worst. thing. ever.¬† Mama life can feel so scary if you feel like

My hormone journey: background

I’ve already mentioned in previous¬†posts and on Instagram that I have been having issues with my hormones since January 2017, but have realized that I haven’t talked about exactly what has been going on here on the blog. Sit down with a cuppa, it’s a long one, folks! January 2017 I was 7 months postpartum

It’s okay to not go crazy on Valentine’s Day

Yes, I realize that Valentine’s Day has come and gone already. When we first got together, we had the talk about what our priorities are surrounding Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been super into it personally, but have felt the societal pressure in the past. I had the experience in prior relationships of the stress of

Lagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Living book review

As I posted a few weeks ago on Instagram, I hit the real jackpot at my local library! I went in to take a few books back that we had out over the Christmas period and found Lagom*** along with The Little Book of Hygge***! These were both books I nearly bought at our local

My history with anxiety

Anxiety is a funny old thing. For the longest time, I felt like I was an over thinker, that maybe I just analyzing things too much, or possibly that when getting into these thought patterns when my mind was quiet fit was more like a quiet mind is the devil’s playground rather than idle hands

Why Bullet Journaling didn’t work for me (and what I do instead)

Ahh Bullet Journaling. For those not familiar with it, it’s a paper-based diary-cum-journal-cum-ultra organizational and get your crap together tool with the promise of letting you fuel your stationery addiction by giving you a legit reason to buy lots of pretty pens and Leuchturm1917 notebooks***. You get that exciting, going back to school feeling as

2018 Intentions (not resolutions)

During the last few weeks and days of 2017 I felt like an excited kid anticipating my birthday and all the cake and presents I was going to eat. The sheer elation I felt about the new year coming was positively electric. It’s not like 2017 was a bad year for me, it was at