Sunday Snapshot 10/06/18

This week has been full of excitement after 3 weeks full of nose to the grindstone work doing a side gig. First of all it was our little one’s 2nd birthday! We all had the day off from our usual work/nursery situation and spent most of the day together at a local ice cream farm

Sunday Snapshot 13/05/18

This week has seen the hubby successfully bike from Leeds to his work for charity, a 80 mile trip. We’re all so relieved that it went very well, no issues with his blood sugar levels and the only souvenir he got from the trip (aside from the memories, of course), is a minor scabbed knee

Sunday Snapshot 06/05/18

What stunning weather we’re having this May Bank Holiday weekend, such a rare treat for the weather to actually be consistently beautiful for the 3 days in their entirety! This week has ebbed and flowed. Sunday evening we went to the park and magically ran into one of the kiddo’s best friends from nursery. They

Sunday Snapshot 22/04/2018

Another week done, and more ice cream consumed! This time, it was homemade. We received an ice cream maker from my mom last year and it has been sitting in the cupboard for ages… until yesterday! I just about remembered to freeze the inner bowl for the 24 hours required after several days of warm

Sunday Snapshot 15/04/18

Ice cream!!! Yes, this is the kiddo’s first ever ice cream cone all for him. We took advantage of the beautifully sunny weather by playing outside all day at our friends’ house up near Manchester. It was such a great day. The kids all had a great time playing together. I genuinely think it was

Sunday Snapshot 08/04/18

Another exciting week in the household! On Bank Holiday Monday we went out to a local family-friendly pub for lunch that runs an NCT group during the week and ate with my husband’s sister and her partner. The munchkin discovered the joys of Thomas there and is now officially obsessed. They had a tablet on

Sunday Snapshot 18/03/18

This week has been nice. Everyone has been getting back into their groove. We’ve been able to go outside and play with it staying lighter that bit later once we all get home and the munchkin has been up to his usual hilariousness, see above walking in mama’s boots yesterday morning before going into town.

Sunday Snapshot 04/03

Today is The Brit’s birthday, so we’ve been out celebrating our favorite local American BBQ place nearby for lunch with family and my madre. We’ve all stuffed our faces and have been enjoying some quiet time while the kiddo is sleeping. The bambino and I were out walking in town between courses to check out