Getting new bras

Why on earth does this idea that suffering is always a good thing persist? Sure, there is resilience in overcoming obstacles and temporary pain for some sort of gain, but why do we suffer when it does not serve us and won’t ever serve us?

Case in point: bras. Stick with me, here.

Last week, while my mom was visiting, she bought me some much-needed new bras as an early birthday present.

During pregnancy I only bought 3 very cheap (too cheap, really. Lesson learned, if I’m ever lucky enough to get pregnant again, get better bras for chrissake! After giving birth I only had one obligatory nursing bra and a lot of nursing tanks because it was summer and my internal temperature had shot up to about a thousand degrees . Then, after breastfeeding was over I only bought two non-nursing bras post-partum. Because what goes up must come down. And they did!

Except… The width of my rib cage has permanently expanded. So while the cup size fitteth, my ribs were incredibly uncomfortable. I was wearing my old pre-pregnancy 34Bs (that at this point are well over 3 years old) and not in massive pain, but I always noticed the sense of dis-ease when wearing them. I was a lot like this while I was pregnant too.

I found myself hanging on to incorrect sizes and cheap bras just because what? It saved money? Is it worth to save some money if you’re always thinking about the sweet delicious feeling of ripping your bra off because they’re annoying you that much?

I got fitted and my new size was what I had suspected, 36B. Mom purchased 4 very comfortable, yet good looking bras. My body and spirit are eternally grateful.

Why do we put off these things as women? These stupid sacrifices for no good reason? I’m pretty sure guys don’t do this as much. If you’re a guy reading this and I’m wrong, please feel free to tell me!

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