It’s okay to not go crazy on Valentine’s Day


Yes, I realize that Valentine’s Day has come and gone already.

When we first got together, we had the talk about what our priorities are surrounding Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been super into it personally, but have felt the societal pressure in the past. I had the experience in prior relationships of the stress of a) actually doing something and b) that it had to be perfect and memorable. The result? I couldn’t actually, looking back, pinpoint anything memorable about any celebration I’d ever had. So I proposed that we not really bother, except we have a nice meal together at home if possible.

So that’s what we’ve done all this time when we’ve lived together.

Except this year!

We have had the kiddo’s immune system really taking a beating lately and it’s been taking a toll on our energy. I had planned on making this Beef Bourguignon using our beloved crock pot for Valentine’s Day because it was a bit special, but also pretty easy.

But then… we were out late the night before having dinner with the Brit’s family because his sister and her partner were visiting from London. So any food prep I would’ve ordinarily done the night before (chopping, mostly) went out the window. And I also didn’t have breakfast or lunch prepped for the next day like I normally do.

In the morning, we were all shattered, so we opted to sleep in 20 minutes later than normal. This meant I grabbed a cereal bar on the way out the door. I was supposed to be working from late morning until the afternoon, so I gambled that I’d be able to come home after the nursery run and be able to prep dinner and my lunch during that time.

Yeah, it didn’t work out that way. I was called and asked if I could come in for the start of school, so of course I said yes and bought lunch from Spar on the way in. Then had an especially hectic, unpredictable day. Once I got home, I was exhausted, heck, we all were.

Instead of the fancyish, easy dinner for Valentine’s Day? We had… drum roll… fish sticks/fish fingers, fries/chips and baked beans! Very fancy, I know! And you know what? I was happy. It was relaxed, didn’t feel anxious and it was totally non-stressful. It was easy as hubby offered to make it. It filled our bellies. No regrets!

So when did I make the fancy dinner pictured above? Saturday, when I had lots of time and energy to do the prep work, and we all enjoyed it!

Moral of the story? Don’t kill yourself to fit some ideal and give yourself some grace when things just aren’t working out.

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