Keeping it real mama inspiration #1

Found this on my social media. <3

I’m an enormous fan of mamas (and people in general, really) who don’t pretend that they have it all together.

The messier, the better. The more honest, the more I love them. Many of my best friends are like this. We’ll send each other random WhatsApp messages telling each other of what real life looks like for us right now.

That’s all well and good, but I think in general people would be a lot better off and happier if we were equally as honest with social media at large and new people in general as we are with our nearest and dearest. I think I’m pretty good at this (big-mouthed American genes? possibly), and have to say that after 10 years of living in the UK, I think there is less pressure on people, especially women, to have all of their shit together and figured out. Less competition. However, I think comparison here is just as bad in the US.

For the sake of walking the talk, here are a few things that show that I’m happy to admit my non-perfection:

  1. Cleaning? Ugh, hate it. I can ignore a lot of mess before doing something and often do. I hate getting the vacuum/hoover out, even our tiny stick one. Major cleaning doesn’t get done unless people are visiting and/or staying the night. Which honestly? Isn’t often.
  2. I don’t mind doing laundry, but it seems that my hamper has to be overflowing to do my own. Kiddo’s gets done reasonably often because he gets his stuff gets genuinely dirty, but mine? Fuhgeddaboutit. I go diving in my hamper to retrieve something that can get just “one more wash”. Jeans, leggings and cardigans are worn for weeks before getting washed unless there is a super obvious stain/snot on them. Sometimes even if there is, I’ll still wait a while until it gets chucked into the washing machine. I love the thought of going all Marie Kondo*** with my clothes or reading The Curated Closet*** to streamline everything. I’m a simplicity lover at heart and have been working on getting rid of clothes of my own slowly but surely this year.
  3. Food can get samey around here. I have the most energy in the mornings, so most of the time I’ll either throw a bunch of things in the crock pot in the morning or we’ll throw something easy in the oven. Sometimes it’s just more important to get something in our bellies than making a production out of getting food on the table. The kiddo’s having peas for the third time this week? Eh, he loves em, go for it. They have Vitamin C after all! He has a lot of variety of food, fruit and veg throughout the day anyway.

What does real life look like at your house?

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