My hormone journey: The appointment

So, last week I talked about My Hormone Journey postpartum and what it was like to take an at-home blood test.

I mentioned that I managed to get an appointment with my doctor with a view to get blood tests done.

I was extremely nervous leading up to it and it was a miracle that I slept as well as I did given my nerves. I was afraid that I would be fobbed off and told to “wait and see” or that it was all in my head.

At first, it seemed like my nightmare would come true. He seemed dubious and asked a series of questions that in the moment seemed to imply that he thought that I am depressed rather than having something physically wrong with me, but objectively looking back, he was probably doing his due diligence to rule it out. He also had a glimmer of annoyance that I had been told by others to “wait and see” and that I had been suffering sans investigation for as long as I have been.

Long story short, he didn’t see the point in testing my progesterone because it fluctuates so much from day to day in your cycle, and doesn’t mean a whole lot in isolation, which I was disappointed to hear, but I understand what he means. However, he instead ordered a comprehensive list of tests to be done to discover the source of my exhaustion and low energy, which are the worst symptoms I have at the moment, and certain things that he is testing for can also impact progesterone levels as well.

So today I will have blood drawn for: FSH, LH, Liver profile, Thyroid function test, Full blood count, Gamma GT, HbA1c and Renal profile.

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