Simple, frugal and green beauty

My goodness am I a beauty and skincare geek. I have spent countless small (okay, maybe not so small) fortunes on all kinds of moisturizers, serums, masks, facial oils, natural deodorants, mascaras, eye shadows and body lotions. When I became pregnant with my son though, I knew that I needed to scale way back on

Sunday Snapshot 08/04/18

Another exciting week in the household! On Bank Holiday Monday we went out to a local family-friendly pub for lunch that runs an NCT group during the week and ate with my husband’s sister and her partner. The munchkin discovered the joys of Thomas there and is now officially obsessed. They had a tablet on

How to diffuse tension at the dinner table

We’ve all been there. The kiddo proclaiming “no!”, wanting to play and not interested in food. Throwing food / playing in it. Trying to feed the family pet(s) their portion. Shoving the plate as far as it can physically get from them like it’s toxic or uranium. Tears streaming down their face when you remind

Mama dating: connecting with other mamas

Sometimes I wish I could walk around with this sticker on me. Put all of my cards on the table and cut through the uncertainty to find other mamas who are also looking for friends. Why? Because… Lack of connection is the worst. thing. ever.  Mama life can feel so scary if you feel like

Sunday Snapshot 01/04/18

Hooray for a long Easter weekend! This weekend has felt like a breath of fresh air. We don’t really do a whole lot for Easter, but I felt like trying my hand at natural dyes this year. Above is the result. Not too shabby if I say so myself! I think the pink could’ve been

Sunday Snapshot 25/03/18

Hello from surprisingly sunny England! We’ve totally lucked out with the weather this weekend, which is lucky. We have a friend visiting from Germany (but also American) for a long weekend visit. This has meant lots of eating out, lots of exploring new places and wandering around! He got in on Thursday night and Friday

Making kid food exciting for grown ups

So sometimes you can’t think of anything original to make for dinner, for lunch, for breakfast, whatever. Your mind has reached peak decision fatigue and you just reach for whatever to eat. But you kind of want to still have something vaguely nutritional, flavorful, or just a little bit exciting than standard kid or family-friendly

Sunday Snapshot 18/03/18

This week has been nice. Everyone has been getting back into their groove. We’ve been able to go outside and play with it staying lighter that bit later once we all get home and the munchkin has been up to his usual hilariousness, see above walking in mama’s boots yesterday morning before going into town.

Getting new bras

Why on earth does this idea that suffering is always a good thing persist? Sure, there is resilience in overcoming obstacles and temporary pain for some sort of gain, but why do we suffer when it does not serve us and won’t ever serve us? Case in point: bras. Stick with me, here. Last week,

My hormone journey: The appointment

So, last week I talked about My Hormone Journey postpartum and what it was like to take an at-home blood test. I mentioned that I managed to get an appointment with my doctor with a view to get blood tests done. I was extremely nervous leading up to it and it was a miracle that