Sunday Snapshot 04/03

Mirrors, signal, maneuver!

Today is The Brit’s birthday, so we’ve been out celebrating our favorite local American BBQ place nearby for lunch with family and my madre. We’ve all stuffed our faces and have been enjoying some quiet time while the kiddo is sleeping. The bambino and I were out walking in town between courses to check out and say “Hiya!” to all of the local buses, fire engines, ambulances and doggies.

Like most of the country, we got some snow this week, but hardly any compared to before Christmas. Typical Cheshire, the rest of the country is covered in feet of the stuff and we get a dusting if we’re lucky. Seriously, this place is a black hole for snow.

Can we talk about how amazing snowsuits are for a second? Our kiddo is not a big fan of changing clothes lately, so it’s a godsend to be able to just quickly throw something on that he calls a “coat”, his wellies and voilà! He is presentable enough to play outside, which for us, inevitably means walking out of the cul-de-sac and watching the cars go down the hill. All while he’s still technically wearing his pajamas underneath. I’m amazed and jealous. It made me wonder if I still had my skiing bib from eons ago so I could live the dream with him.

It was chilly enough to warrant getting him zipped up into his snowsuit that his auntie got him at a local charity shop (thrift shop) that still just about fits. Luckily it’s a good one, because he insisted on sitting down in his car in the picture above while the seat was still covered in snow and he had a warm, dry bum afterwards when we came back inside. Score!

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