Sunday Snapshot 06/05/18

What stunning weather we’re having this May Bank Holiday weekend, such a rare treat for the weather to actually be consistently beautiful for the 3 days in their entirety!

This week has ebbed and flowed. Sunday evening we went to the park and magically ran into one of the kiddo’s best friends from nursery. They were extremely excited to see one another and they were jubilant exclamations of “HIYAAAAA!” back and forth while playing with glee. To be honest, I totally get it. If I were to run into one of my best friends unexpectedly in the park and get to hang out with them when I wasn’t expected to, I wouldn’t be able to contain myself from the giddiness! We came home to welcome back Daddy soon thereafter from his massive 40 mile bike ride which is in training for his charity ride he’s doing (this Thursday!) from Leeds to our neck of the woods in Cheshire.

During the week I caught the flu that the munchkin and the hubby had last week/last weekend. No fun, but not the worst one I’ve ever had, luckily. It did mean I was off work for 2 days and barely made it through Tuesday, despite it being one of the easiest full working days I’ve had in quite some time. I’m on the mend, just still phlegmy and my lymph nodes in my feel enormous, but not quite the tennis-ball sized feeling they had just a few short days ago, so that’s definitely something to be thankful for.

Speaking of gratitude, I totally gave my past self a massive high five for having made homemade chicken bone broth / chicken stock and freezing it. You better believe I defrosted those and made a delicious, let’s-see-what-frozen-veggies-we-have-in-the-freezer kind of veggie and chicken soup. This bad boy had shredded kale and cabbage, a stewing vegetables mix of carrots, celery, onion and swede (rutabaga), green lentils, chicken, aforementioned homemade broth, turmeric, cayenne, Italian herb seasoning, pad of butter, salt and pepper. I even found some already cooked baby star pasta lurking in the freezer from last year when the little one ate that kind of thing so I threw that in there too. It was tasty and it lasted 4 days’ worth of lunches. It got even more spicy tasting too once I started to feel better and my sense of smell returned as well (this is a good thing because I love piquant things!).

Yesterday we went to the cinema at lunch time to go see Avengers: Infinity Wars. We saw it with my brother-in-law while my sister-in-law said she’d look after the munchkin. Because it was the middle of the day though she had an easy job because he slept for 2 out of the 4 hours we were gone! We chose to watch it at a movie theater that was a bit further afield, but it’s cheaper and has reclining leather seats. So yeah, that happened. It felt very luxurious and decadent to just leave half-way through the day and go see a movie!

Today we’ve just been chilling. We’ll probably get out the old paddling pool after the little one’s nap, or that might be tomorrow depending on how we feel. Later on we’ll head to the “tree park” as we call it. There are many parks nearby and we have to have specific names for each one just so we’re on the same page. With any luck, the munchkin’s bestie will be there again tonight. I haven’t seen his parents at nursery this week so I haven’t been able to ask if they go there at that time on Sunday as a regular kind of deal or not. We’ll see!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

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