Sunday Snapshot 08/04/18

Another exciting week in the household!

On Bank Holiday Monday we went out to a local family-friendly pub for lunch that runs an NCT group during the week and ate with my husband’s sister and her partner. The munchkin discovered the joys of Thomas there and is now officially obsessed. They had a tablet on the wall that was showing episodes on repeat in the play area, so he basically sat on one of those ride-on planes that you’re supposed to put money into (we don’t bother at this point though because he enjoys it enough without feeding it precious coins!) and binge-watched Thomas while waiting for food to arrive. In between running around and playing on other things. He also befriended a boy. They bonded over a mutual love of blowing raspberries. If only it was that easy to make friends as an adult, eh? 

The rest of the week was fairly quiet in comparison, aside from the fact that we broke our couch. Whoops. It wasn’t even from anything exciting. The Brit just sat down on it after we put the kiddo to bed and a cross beam separated from the frame in 2 places! Luckily we have someone coming out to fix it for free on Thursday!

Friday was spent celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary after everyone got home. Hubby and the munchkin surprised me with flowers (see above)! It was so adorable, The Brit handed the kiddo the flowers without me seeing and I watched him walk up the driveway ever so carefully (normally he’s running at me with glee, full steam ahead) from the front door to present them to me. Totally an “awww” and tear-jerking moment! The flowers on the left are from the husband and the tulips were from the munchkin.

I went out to our local farm shop and used the last of the gift card we got for Christmas buying goodies for our anniversary dinner. I’m so glad hubby thought of that place. I have to admit, I was in M&S looking at their Dine in for £10 offerings on Thursday and just didn’t feel inspired at all by their offerings. Whereas at our local farm shop, I got a smorgasbord of delicious treats that I was super excited about showing to The Brit. These included stunning local, handmade lemon curd, strawberry and champagne jam from the town where we tied the knot, delectable Welsh Dragon sausages (Americans, think lamb sausages with a spicy seasoning) that the kiddo loved having the leftovers of, this incredible Red Leicester cheese made in Wales with an awesome kick to it and I even made some homemade raspberry and coconut tarts! They were a huge hit and 3 were consumed before we even dug into dinner that night. We waited until the kiddo was in bed before eating, so we had a nice, quiet dinner together. It was nice, yet strange, to have a long conversation without interjections of “hiya!” “nee-naw” and “kitty!”.


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