Sunday Snapshot 10/06/18

This week has been full of excitement after 3 weeks full of nose to the grindstone work doing a side gig.

First of all it was our little one’s 2nd birthday! We all had the day off from our usual work/nursery situation and spent most of the day together at a local ice cream farm full of lots of farm animals, diggers, tractors, wet play, sand play and trampolines. Oh and yes, ice cream as well!

It was a warm day, so the treat of ice cream at the very end before driving back in the car was extra special and very much appreciated. Kiddo had vanilla, I had a delicious mango and passion fruit (and a less flavorful cotton candy flavored one though) and hubby had raspberry ripple and coconut.

When we got home we talked with my mom on WhatsApp while I made a cold pasta salad, because our kid is a pasta eating machine and hasn’t been eating as much lately because it’s been so warm. I knew he burned through a ton of energy during the day, so wanted to make sure he had enough food to replenish his energy stores. While chatting with Mom I made a 2nd cake because the first Victoria sponge with raspberry jam I made the night before was a failure — it had sunk and was essentially raw in the middle! Luckily I got a better recipe and it worked out perfectly. He loved trying to blow out his candles and his jubilant reaction of “caaaaaaake!” made all the extra effort worthwhile.

We got him one of those trikes that goes from baby-friendly to full on independent trike and he loves it. We’re looking forward to walks with it in the neighborhood and to and from nursery with it. He is really good and loves to go on a good walk, but unfortunately we often go out on a whim sans stroller and then we have to carry him. Afterwards it feels like we have gorilla arms.

We love the longevity of it as well and that he can keep using it as an independently powered trike in years to come. It’s also one of the few ride on toys we’ve got him that he isn’t immediately almost too big for. As a parent of a tall kid who often is mistaken for a 3-4 year old, this is incredibly exciting!

We’re also excited that family didn’t go nuts with presents for him too. Sure, we now have a big old train table from my mother in law that we have no idea where it’ll end up living on a permanent basis, but he is so in love with it that he’s forgetting he’s hungry (a strange occurrence for a child who has been a bottomless pit the first 2 years of his life)!

Other exciting news is that we’ve had our first proper play date yesterday with his bestie from nursery. Us two moms and kids had a great time and are already making plans to meet up this week too! Between her and the local NCT group, I feel like I’m making good progress on making proper new friends in the area, which feels great.

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