Sunday Snapshot 11/02/18

We watched a lot more TV yesterday than we normally do. Above is a picture of us watching an Olympic snowboarding event that we both really enjoyed.

Another week, another illness it seems! Third one since the start of 2018. Oh the joys of having a kiddo who is going through his first winter at nursery/daycare!

He was really tired Friday night and felt a bit warm, but not feverish. He was barely able to stay up to 1 hour before his normal bedtime. On Saturday, he woke up at 4:45am with a fever of 39C/102F and felt hot before I even picked him up out of his crib. He chugged some Calpol/Tylenol laden milk and passed out again… Until 11am!

Once he woke up he had some more milk and a Organix goodies bar (we ran out of the homemade ones). Still had a fever. Not long after, he vomited it all back up again and didn’t keep anything else down all day. Fever persisted.

We called 111, got advice and was referred to our local hospital’s urgent care unit (<3 the NHS). We came out less than an hour later (on Saturday night, no less!) with a diagnosis of an ear infection in his left ear. He was a little trooper and slept most of the time we were there, including while being poked and prodded by the doctor. We were given a prescription for antibiotics to get filled today if he still hadn’t improved.

Munchkin only woke up once in the night and has been bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning sans fever! So luckily it seems like it’s viral and has cleared up on its own with time and rest, no antibiotics needed. I’ve been drip feeding him water, dry toast and bread this morning. Not only has he perked up, he’s kept his food down, been playing with his toys and is back to his regular self, hurray!

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