Sunday Snapshot 13/05/18

This week has seen the hubby successfully bike from Leeds to his work for charity, a 80 mile trip. We’re all so relieved that it went very well, no issues with his blood sugar levels and the only souvenir he got from the trip (aside from the memories, of course), is a minor scabbed knee and elbow where he couldn’t quite unclip in time from his pedals! We’re all thankful that that day is behind us and that everything went as well as could be expected.

Some more big news this week is that we’ve taken the first steps towards potty training. His room leader at nursery informed me on the day that hubby did his ride that the munchkin had a wee for the first time at the potty there! He’s been interested in it and asked to sit on it last week, but never produced any goods while on there… up until now.

This is something we’ve kind of/sort of prepared for in that we bought a cheap potty from Aldi a few weeks ago, but that’s about it really! I know a bit about the process of it having had a brief stint working in the pre-schooler room in a nursery/daycare earlier last year, but obviously that’s a completely different situation from having your own kid going through it. I kind of feel like I should be reading more books on the subject. We’re off to the library tomorrow, so I might pick one or two up.

He’s been in nappy pants/pull-ups for more than a year while transitioning from cloth nappies/diapers prior to going into nursery just because they were easier to get on him than normal nappies because he’s such a wriggly worm. We’re not in a massive rush to get him officially potty trained, especially seeing as we’re going to the US in less than 2 months and he’s cutting his last 4 molars. The plan is to wait to properly potty train him after we get back from our vacation this year and after all 4 of those molars come through because he doesn’t deal well at all with the pain of it, which will likely hamper any progress he makes in becoming potty trained. In other word, we’re taking it slow. Right now it’s all about easing him into the routines and familiarizing him with the mechanics of it, but no expectations and certainly no big boy underpants here yet!

More exciting news was the haul I got at a local second hand sale for baby and child paraphernalia this morning! I spent £18 (including the £1 entrance fee) and came back with 2 pairs of excellent condition Clarks summer/spring shoes, a mini keyboard to tinkle the ivories on, monarchy-themed finger puppets, a Thomas scooter, a plastic shopping trolley / cart and a set of wooden magnetic animal-themed puzzles. I was happy to get the shopping trolley and the scooter because he’s really in need of outdoor toys and have been keeping my eye out for more realistic-looking instruments that are suitable for his age, so I was pleased. The shoes are very much needed too, as all of the shoes we have in his size are definitely for cooler weather, think fleece-lined boots, wellies, and thick, chunky leather light up shoes. The inner hippy in me loves the second hand stuff and keeping things out of landfill. The bargain hunter in me gets such a rush from getting new goodies at extremely reasonable prices! He’s already thoroughly enjoyed playing with it all and was very excited to see a shark and fishy on one of his pairs of shoes.

The other great thing about going to the sale too was that I got to catch up with a few mums from our old baby group that were there and see how big their once little ones are now!

Have a great week!

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