Sunday Snapshot 15/04/18

Ice cream!!! Yes, this is the kiddo’s first ever ice cream cone all for him. We took advantage of the beautifully sunny weather by playing outside all day at our friends’ house up near Manchester.

It was such a great day. The kids all had a great time playing together. I genuinely think it was probably our son’s favorite days ever, which of course put a big smile on our faces seeing him enjoying himself so much! Before we got there we went off to Decathlon so hubby could look at some accessories for his new bike and boy-o had the most massive grin on his face while playing on the trikes and balance bikes in the place. He probably would’ve been content to do the hour long drive just for those 10 minutes to be honest, ha!

But yes, ice cream! Oh sure, last year for Mother’s Day we went to our amazing local ice cream farm to celebrate the day. The Brit and I both had 2 scoops in a cone and it was there that the munchkin tried real ice cream for the first time. However, this is the first time he’s had a cone of it all for him. He loved it. He has ice cream at home and out for special occasions, but it’s always been in a bowl — up until now!

Today’s been decidedly wetter and poor hubby got drenched on his maiden voyage on his new steed, but it’s brightening up now. Classic British weather. Hope if you’re in these parts you had decent weather yesterday and were able to take advantage of it!

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