Sunday Snapshot 16/9/18

We were reminded by hubby this morning that we said we’d go to my brother in law’s friend’s house because they were hosting a MacMillan Coffee Morning.

Kids these days throw around the word epic all willy nilly. However, the amount of cake there truly was epic. Tables were groaning under the weight of it. All of it delicious.

Little one savored some gingerbread men (didn’t eat them head first either, rate for him!) and we enjoyed our slices, nay, wedges of carrot cake, lemon drizzle and coconut cake.

Then there was lots of playing outside to burn off said sugar. Once inside, the doll house was a firm favorite, with munchkin proclaiming that “Dump truck have a bubble bath!” and “Race car have sleep!”.

Who are we to say that only folks can go inside?

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