Sunday Snapshot 18/02


Spring is coming, look at the first snowdrops we have spotted on our recent mini-walk in the wooded area near us! I love seeing them and many daffodils in the area look like they might start blooming in the next 2 weeks or so too, yay!

This week has been two steps forward, one step back. I think I’ve come to the realization this week that we’ve been demanding too much of our little one with his immune system struggling during his first winter.

As of Wednesday this week, we have been taking a step back and really focusing on getting him well again and building his immune system back up. This has meant that I took Thursday and Friday off of work with him staying at home, prioritizing naps at home in his own bed (cot bed, really) so he gets as must rest as possible. We’ve also been trying to blitzkrieg his system with lots more fruit and veg (bit tricky at times because his appetite still isn’t 100% and he’s going through a fussier period of eating). On top of that, we’ve been trying to integrate more supplements as well like probiotics, vitamin drops and bone broth. Most of that has gone into his milk or porridge.

Madre is flying out from the US and arrives on Thursday, so we’re all really looking forward to that! It’ll be great to see his reaction when we arrive home from the airport Thursday morning.

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