Sunday Snapshot 18/03/18

This week has been nice.

Everyone has been getting back into their groove. We’ve been able to go outside and play with it staying lighter that bit later once we all get home and the munchkin has been up to his usual hilariousness, see above walking in mama’s boots yesterday morning before going into town.

It has also been such a step forward in the right direction in so many ways.

  1. Kiddo has been back at nursery for the full 4 days for the first time in… 2018?
  2. I”m finally back to walking again after the kiddo being sick so. many. times. this. year.

We’re talking 40-60 minutes of glorious walking per day, in all weather. My long disappointed in me Fitbit has rejoiced. I’ve even done a yoga and pilates workout. And was insanely achy for 2 days afterward. But I was still able to do them and they weren’t as grueling as the first ever time I did them, which was encouraging given how little exercise I’ve done in 2018 so far! A win, for sure.

3. Back to work for the first time in 3 weeks since Mom has visited. Sad to see her go, but we’ll be happy to have some more money rolling in starting new week! Especially seeing as there are only two more weeks until the Easter holidays to take advantage of work!

4. I had my blood test at our local hospital (4 day wait time to get an appointment there versus 4 weeks at our local medical center, gee, let me think which one I’d choose!) on Wednesday. Which reminds me, I need to make a follow up appointment with my GP. Big shoutout to Kevin who took my blood though! I’m used to the long process of donating blood, which takes usually 60-90 minutes in our neck of the woods from walking in to walking out (this is with an appointment). My appointment was at 4pm. I parked up about 3:50, sauntered over to phlebotomy. Waited long enough to barely read a page in my book. Name called at 4 right on the dot. I waltzed back out at 4:02. It took me more time to put my coat and scarf back on than it did to take my blood. Kev was a total pro. I was at the hospital for such a small length of time that I didn’t even have to pay for parking. Can you tell that I felt super smug about that?

Of course, yesterday I felt like I’m starting to come down with something, but life wouldn’t be life without one of us being ill, and at least it’s my turn and not the little one catching yet another bug! C’est la vie!

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