Sunday Snapshot 22/04/2018

Another week done, and more ice cream consumed! This time, it was homemade.

We received an ice cream maker from my mom last year and it has been sitting in the cupboard for ages… until yesterday! I just about remembered to freeze the inner bowl for the 24 hours required after several days of warm weather and the thought not even occurring to me to make any ice cream. We’ve been having some homemade ice lollies (popsicles), sure, but we hadn’t ventured out into our own ice cream creations.

After a quick run around Pinterest looking for dairy-free ice cream recipes (I’m lactose intolerant, so too much ice cream is not kind to my stomach), we decided to use this raspberry and coconut ice cream: Super Healthy Kids.

Survey says? It turned out well texture-wise (it was like a soft serve as we had it straight from the bowl) and we didn’t seem to have broken our ice cream maker on its maiden voyage, which is always a plus! We went the lazy route and didn’t strain out the raspberry seeds and we were happy we didn’t bother. However, because we used canned coconut milk, the taste of that was really overpowering. To the point that we could scarcely taste the raspberries (a real shame for this raspberry-loving house)! So maybe next time we would use a coconut milk drink or almond milk instead of canned coconut milk, as the taste of those are way more mild and can let the other flavors shine through.

We’re ready for next time, whenever that may be. I’m thinking next time I might try one of the chocolate ice cream recipes that incorporate avocados and/or bananas for creaminess, as I know the impact these have on the textures of smoothies too.

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