Sunday Snapshot 25/02/18

My view this morning once I got brave enough to crawl out of bed and greet the day through my hangover haze.

What a busy weekend we’ve had! My mom arrived from the States on Thursday to visit for a while, which has been very exciting for all of us. The munchkin loves having his Nana around to hang out with and we’ve spent time going to the park and just hanging out at home.

Hubby bought a new car this weekend because he really missed being able to have all of us in his car. His old car didn’t have much space in the back seat for people to sit in and we had to have the car seat in the front passenger side.

Last night hubby and me went to his brother’s house for his brother’s birthday party. We were discussing it and we think it’s probably the 5th time we’ve been out in the evening without our kiddo since he’s been born. We had a great time, but I rarely drink these days, so today I’ve been nursing my first hangover in years.

Today has been a real down day with all of us sleeping in, taking naps and eating all the carbs!

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