Sunday Snapshot 25/03/18

Hello from surprisingly sunny England! We’ve totally lucked out with the weather this weekend, which is lucky. We have a friend visiting from Germany (but also American) for a long weekend visit.

This has meant lots of eating out, lots of exploring new places and wandering around!

He got in on Thursday night and Friday the kiddo went off to nursery as per usual just so he didn’t get sick again (this happens if we do too much new stuff with him in a short space of time). The original plan was to go to North Wales for the day, but once we dropped the munchkin off we all went back to sleep and woke up at 10:30 — so rare and so amazing!. So we opted to stick closer to home and went to a pub for lunch and stayed there until we went home and later got the little one. We haven’t done that like, ever, since he came on the scene. It was great fun!

Yesterday we trekked off to Liverpool on the train — which a certain little someone was SUPER excited about — for daddy, uncle and friends to go to Anfield for a charity match of Liverpool versus Bayern München. We ate at Dough (great for kids as well, lots of room and games to keep them occupied).

Meanwhile, the munchkin and I checked out the Walker Art Gallery (free!) which I was dubious about, but they have a great kids section called Big Art right as you go in on the left. Absolutely worthwhile if you are in town, especially for kids aged 5-6 and under, I’d say. It claims it’s suitable for kids aged 8 and under, but I’m not so sure the 7 and 8 year olds would get much out of it. We all had a great time and our friend who isn’t up on the kids scene was mystified by the rain stick!

At the World Museum last year pre-walking.

Once the guys headed to the football, we went to the World Museum (also free — I love this about big cities!), which we spent most of the time at last year when we did a similar thing of guys watching a charity football match and we did our own thing. I love that photo from last year (above) because he had zero interest in the fishies at this point and was too busy spinning the wheel on his travel system! This year, he just zoomed through it all, he enjoyed the Aquarium floor the most again, climbed all the stairs in the joint, then we got his stroller from the park downstairs and passed out for a solid hour. While he was sleeping I saw a fantastic Q&A with Tim Peake on the Space floor, totally worth seeing if your kids are older or for adults alike.

After he woke up from his nap, things were starting to close because it was nearing 5pm, so we walked down to the Albert Docks and he had a grand old time watching the giant ferris wheel (“wheeeeeeeel!” and we walked around the inner U of the docks, saying hello to all of the seabirds, pigeons, doggies, children and boats we passed. Then we walked back up to Lime Street Station, met up with Daddy and took the train back home.

Today is a bit more chilled out and laid back, lunch out, lots of walking in town, maybe some football in the garden later on if the weather holds out during the nap.

We’re loving the lighter evenings and spring feeling in the air, long may it last!

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