Sunday Snapshot 28/1/18


Today starts the beginning of a new series, Sunday Snapshot!

Each week I will post a picture related to what’s been going on in our family life this week with an anecdote. Enjoy!

This weekend, the kiddo seems to have really clicked with building things with Duplo (baby Lego, for the unitiated) independently. He got a set of Duplo from Granny and Duplo vehicle set from us for Christmas. He’s really enjoyed watching us make things for him so far and we’ve had a great time too. Munchkin would occasionally get the hook (see above) and stick it on random bricks or the car chassis, but never make anything himself.

That all changed this weekend! He made that tow truck, modeled after the one in the foreground (which was also a Christmas present, from my godmother) all by himself! So very proud. Oh, and this morning he was beaming when he waltzed into the bathroom exclaiming “Wow!!”– his favorite word of the week, but not a new one — at his newest creation, a rainbow colored tower consisting of 7 bricks with 2 blue at the top, then red, orange, light orange, yellow and ending on red. This also elicited a “Wow!!” from me and big kisses.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other creations come out of him in the future!

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