Sunday Snapshot 29/04/18

We’ve just one of those weeks where all 3 of us are exhausted, but we just keep pushing on.

Hubby is training for a charity bike ride via work, but since those who have arranged it are shockingly disorganized, he still has no details aside from the day and that they’re biking 80ish miles from Leeds back to their office. He’s only a month to prepare, which means he’s been really having to go all out instead of doing any steady progression. Last weekend saw me picking him up at a semi-local gardening center because he ran out of energy, had no food left, his blood sugars were extremely low and there was nowhere nearby to buy more sustenance. Cue me getting the munchkin in the car around the time I was due to start dinner and racing to go meet up with him. Luckily he was fine aside from having to gorge down carbs like no tomorrow. Then we threw the bike in the back, ate a few Nairn’s oatcakes (seriously, we should buy stock in them, we are probably putting their kids through uni) between the 3 of us and went on our merry way back home.

All 3 of us have taken it in turns to feel a little rough this week. I’ve lucked out out of the lot, but hubby is suffering big time from all the physical exertion plus bug.

I actually worked a full week (ie also did Monday) last week for the first time in… a while. I typically stay at home on Mondays with the munchkin, but tell the agency I work for that I can do Mondays if they give me prior notice. They did, so I worked. It was pretty shattering. Good to have the extra money, seeing as I didn’t get much the previous week and before that was 2 weeks of Easter holidays, but still. I really love having that day with just the two of us and it helps to get me set up for the week ahead. Plus, I get a chance to go to the local NCT meet up, which is something I desperately need for my mental health. So, in my infinite wisdom I was asked this Friday if I could do Monday again and what did I say? Yes. Facepalm.

Note to self: say no. I’m thinking about taking that caveat off the table for now on, because working that one extra day really has a noticeable impact on my wellbeing, as stupid as it sounds. And yeah, I know that sounds a bit selfish, but if I’m not going to look after my own wellbeing, who will?

I’ve done the working full time thing with a small child and hated it. I used to be the breadwinner for a number of years. Luckily we intentionally made/make choices to put ourself in a strong enough financial position that we don’t need to have me working full time. We’re doing fine financially, so why do I agonize over not working an extra day here and there?

Kiddo’s last set of molars are giving him grief. Plus 2 year sleep regression. Plus probably a sore throat as well, and if not that, at least some pain, maybe sinuses. Lots of fun. Early mornings, fighting bedtime because he wants to stay up and party with us and broken sleep, but nothing crazy or intense, just not ideal. We’ve stocked up on larger sized amber anklets and teething cheek oil for him from Amber Pumpkin to help with the teeth and got more Nurofen on sale at Aldi. Of course, when the pain gets too intense (like it did this morning), that gets fun because poor thing completely lost it. For a long time medicine giving and vitamin giving was an issue for us, until we discovered if I pretended to have some and say “mummy’s turn!”, “now your turn!”, that it worked first time 80% of the time like a charm. Alas, that did not work this morning and we had him crying his little eyes out and screaming. Poor kid. Eventually got it in him and he had his dummy as well, but it was not an easy time for any of us! While liquid ibuprofen is great, unfortunately you can’t really buy anything to help with the sleep regression, you just gotta stay consistent and ride it out, or so the internet says.

But the snapshot for this week! We discovered that Granny still has an old scooter of my nephew’s in the shed, so we got it out for him yesterday afternoon. He took it in turns riding it like a chopper, standing either side of the plank and walking it around a bit like a balance bike, and just walking it while standing off to one side. It was an enormous hit for our vehicle obsessed munchkin.


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