Sunday Snapshot 29/04/18

We’ve just one of those weeks where all 3 of us are exhausted, but we just keep pushing on. Hubby is training for a charity bike ride via work, but since those who have arranged it are shockingly disorganized, he still has no details aside from the day and that they’re biking 80ish miles from

Sunday Snapshot 11/02/18

Another week, another illness it seems! Third one since the start of 2018. Oh the joys of having a kiddo who is going through his first winter at nursery/daycare! He was really tired Friday night and felt a bit warm, but not feverish. He was barely able to stay up to 1 hour before his

Sunday Snapshot 04/02/18

This week hasn’t exactly gone the way we’ve expected it, but when does it ever? The kiddo came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth Tuesday morning which meant The Brit was working at home and looking after him all week while I was working. Munchkin was himself, but we obviously had to quarantine him and