My hormone journey: Vitamin D

So I wrote a while ago about my doctor’s appointment that I had all the way back in the middle of March¬†¬†about issues that I have been having related to my hormones. What I keep forgetting to do is update you on the results of those blood tests! In the beginning of April, I had

How to deal when you’ve had no sleep

We have been through many of these phases before. Screams welcome us to a new dawn — or not even close to dawn yet — and we’re bleary-eyed, dragging our feet and flagging from the get go. How on earth do we deal with these days where the amount of “sleep” you got the night

Sunday Snapshot 18/02

Spring is coming, look at the first snowdrops we have spotted on our recent mini-walk in the wooded area near us! I love seeing them and many daffodils in the area look like they might start blooming in the next 2 weeks or so too, yay! This week has been two steps forward, one step