Sunday Snapshot 18/03/18

This week has been nice. Everyone has been getting back into their groove. We’ve been able to go outside and play with it staying lighter that bit later once we all get home and the munchkin has been up to his usual hilariousness, see above walking in mama’s boots yesterday morning before going into town.

Sunday Snapshot 18/02

Spring is coming, look at the first snowdrops we have spotted on our recent mini-walk in the wooded area near us! I love seeing them and many daffodils in the area look like they might start blooming in the next 2 weeks or so too, yay! This week has been two steps forward, one step

Sunday Snapshot 04/02/18

This week hasn’t exactly gone the way we’ve expected it, but when does it ever? The kiddo came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth Tuesday morning which meant The Brit was working at home and looking after him all week while I was working. Munchkin was himself, but we obviously had to quarantine him and