Tea, glorious tea! (But no plastic, please!)


I love me some tea. No, really. We have an entire cupboard in our kitchen dedicated to tea. And my hubby and son don’t drink it! Even our not quite 22 month old is aware of my enjoyment of it, because if my mug of tea is far away, he will proudly get it for me without me asking and hand it over like it’s some precious object. I’ve trained him He knows me so well!

I kind of wish I got the coffee bug sometimes, but honestly? I’ve always found the smell of coffee infinitely better than the taste of it. I’ve had it every which way and it just doesn’t do it for me.

Tea totally does though! Guess I picked the right country to emigrate to, eh?

It didn’t used to be this way. I remember growing up, mom making Good Earth Sweet n Spicy*** iced tea in huge batches to drink at the pool at our condominium complex we lived in the summer. It totally didn’t do it for me, but I kept trying it out of curiosity. Then one summer, when I was in my later teens before finishing high school, I totally got it.

Since then, I’ve tried all kinds of teas, from the standard English tea with milk (eh, not my thing, but I did have it during parents’ evenings in my full time teaching days), to random loose leaf fermented Pu-erh, peppermint tea and everything in between. Back in the day before I got pregnant, I drank a lot of caffeinated green tea, but since then, I’ve stuck with the decaf stuff for the most part because I’ve realized just how sensitive my body seems to be to caffeine.

I’ve been aware of the benefits of unbleached bags versus bleached and the quality differences of loose leaf compared to bagged tea. Reading this article though this afternoon was a real wake-up call, though! I tend to prefer Pukka Tea (the cup featured is their peppermint matcha green tea) and Clipper Teas, but honestly, I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to different flavors, so I don’t always stick to those 2 favorite brands of mine. I have some different loose leaf teas from local and not-so-local producers and I use this very cute silicone and metal tea infuser*** for those.

I nearly spat my plastic-free tea out though when I saw this article while enjoying a cuppa while the kiddo is napping! It makes sense though, as I’ve seen remnants of tea bags in our compost (back before our kiddo when I was super on top of doing such things) that hadn’t decomposed.

Don’t get me wrong, we have plastic in the house. Like the header says, imperfect mama here people! I do our bit to limit it for environmental and hormonal health reasons, but It’s really hard to avoid if you have kids (and yes I know it is possible to do so, but it takes extreme vigilance that I just doesn’t have, although many plastic toys in our house are second hand). It’s just so sad that we have to worry about plastic hiding in everyday food and drink items.

What can I do? 

  1. If you are interested, you can sign this petition to Unilever who make PG Tips to put the pressure on
  2. Use Twitter or the contact form on the website of your favorite tea company to ask whether they use plastic in their bags and if so, inquire when they’ll be phasing it out.
  3. Buy a strainer and some loose leaf tea from a reputable company if you’re really concerned.

What if I don’t care? 

That’s cool, for some people, this will seem like an important thing to act upon. Others won’t care. That’s the beauty of this world, and don’t feel guilty if you genuinely don’t mind or if you think your energies are better spent elsewhere. Choosing your battles is more important than spreading yourself thin and getting mildly annoyed at all the things out there, but not genuinely caring about particular causes!

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